Adoption Lingo (What NOT to Say)

Diane -I am quickly learning about all of the acceptable and not acceptable words and phrases used when discussing adoption, and I'm going to try my best to share some of them here. First off, if you have used any of the "non-preferred" or "bad" phrases, please don't feel bad. I myself have used all… Continue reading Adoption Lingo (What NOT to Say)

Why Open Adoption?

Diane - Although our story hasn't had its happy ending (yet), I want to take the chance talk a little bit about open adoption and what led us to choose open adoption in the first place.There are a lot of misconceptions about open adoption. Brian and I had the chance to learn more about the… Continue reading Why Open Adoption?


Diane -Since we keep getting a lot of the same questions over and over, I figured I'd try to answer a few. Recapping everything can be really exhausting, although as always, we appreciate the support.Is there a chance you could get Elise back?Anything is possible, and at this point, nothing would surprise us. There are… Continue reading FAQs