Diane -Since we keep getting a lot of the same questions over and over, I figured I'd try to answer a few. Recapping everything can be really exhausting, although as always, we appreciate the support.Is there a chance you could get Elise back?Anything is possible, and at this point, nothing would surprise us. There are… Continue reading FAQs

My Love

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."~Helen Keller~ This was the last picture I took with Elise. She had been taken from us about 6 hours prior and placed in the nursery. We were lucky to have been given… Continue reading My Love

4:24 a.m.

Elise Jeannine, 8 lbs. 1 oz., 20" Brian- January 27, 2019. She was born "sunny-side up" and she certainly was nothing short of a perfectly radiant bundle of sunshine. For what seemed like an eternity, we had been working with a local agency, seeking to have a baby placed with our family through open adoption.… Continue reading 4:24 a.m.