Happy Birthday, Birdie

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since we met little Birdie. So much has happened in a year.

We spent one day last January in absolute heaven with a perfect, precious little angel. We named her and loved her and shared her with our friends and family. We were on top of the world. Then we spent months coping with loss. So much loss. So much anger, hurt, hopelessness, and helplessness. We endured seven months of ups and downs and slowly moved on with life, all while keeping tabs on our sweet little Birdie from afar.

I think about Birdie every day. I can’t call her Elise anymore – I know her “real” name now and I know she isn’t ours. That’s hard – knowing that she meant and means so much to us, but we don’t get that gift of seeing her and holding her and loving her up close. So we hold a special space for her from afar, and wish her and her birth family nothing but good things. I hope she’s having a very happy birthday.

We miss you, sweet girl.

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