The Call of a Lifetime


I always hoped to someday be writing this post, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would happen, and I definitely never thought it would happen like this.

By now our friends and family have heard the amazing news – we were chosen to be parents to a beautiful baby boy – Kylan Daniel Abella. A few people know the story of how it all unfolded, but I’ll try to retell it here for inquiring minds.

On August 21st, around 3:45 in the afternoon, I received a phone call from our adoption worker. I almost didn’t answer the phone (I usually don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize), but something told me to answer. She asked if Brian was with me (no – he was at work and they were extremely short-staffed that day). As soon as she asked if he was there, I knew it was “the” call we had been waiting for. She told me that she was calling because a birthmother had chosen us (my response: “That’s amazing!”) and she said, “And here’s where it gets even crazier. The baby was born yesterday. And if you would like to meet the birth father, I need you to meet me at the hospital as soon as possible because he needs to leave to go to work…”


At this point my heart was pounding inside of my throat. The adoption worker gave me a few sparse details – the birth mother didn’t know she was pregnant. The baby was born at 36 weeks. The birth parents (though both on board with the adoption) were not together. She was not in a place to parent this child. Oh yeah, and it was a boy.

I agreed to meet the adoption worker at the hospital and to call Brian. I frantically called his work (which I had never done before) and asked the receptionist if she could get him off the mats because I had an emergency – a good emergency. I finally got to talk to him and blurted out a few details. At the same time I paced around our garage to collect the car seat (base and all) and diaper bag, and throw them into the trunk of my car. I woke Brandon up from his nap and told him I *think* we might have a brother for him (how about that for a wake up call) and gave him some instructions for the puppy (you know, the puppy we got 11 days prior). I left for the hospital.

I can’t remember exactly what happened at the hospital, other than I met the adoption worker, and then together we went into the room where I met both the birth mother and birth father. I remember crying and hugging both of them. I remember a social worker coming in and the first set of some papers being signed. I remember laughing with both birth parents and learning just a few things about them. The conversation was easy and we actually laughed a lot, which was weird given the total insanity of the situation. In a matter of a few days, this amazing woman had given birth to a child she didn’t know she was carrying, and then made the incredibly difficult decision to place her son for adoption, choosing Brian and I as his parents. I think all of us in the room were in a bit of shock, but something about the situation felt completely right, completely natural.

The birth father had to leave, and the birth mother had a friend on the way to pick her up. I didn’t know if Brian was going to make it in time, but he called and said he was on the way. With just five minutes to spare, Brian made it to the hospital just in time to meet this amazing mother who had just given us her precious child. They hugged and there were more tears, but I believe that the connection was instant for Brian as well.

We all walked out together – the birth mother and the adoption worker went one way to the exit, and Brian and I went the other – to the NICU, to meet our son.

hospital baby holding dad's finger
How could we not fall in love immediately?

4 thoughts on “The Call of a Lifetime”

  1. This child, his brother and his parents are so loved by so many. Each one of you is a gift to each other. 💕💕💕💕💕


  2. I was reading this out loud to my husband and his eyes started watering, my voice was quivering…this is so incredibly awesome.


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